What our apprentice learners say

Hear first-hand from our degree apprentices, who are studying subjects from nursing to data science, and surveying to management while they work.

I chose the apprenticeship route because I believe it is a more engaging, more effective and more reliable way to learn the skills and knowledge in this field. I am eager to be working in the vanguard to science and to learn on the job experience.
Charlie Nunn
Data Scientist (Bioinformatics) degree apprentice, Wellcome Sanger Institute

Undertaking the apprenticeship is the best decision I have made in years. It has been a pleasure working for CUH and ARU is a beautiful university. Lecturers, tutors and staff are so helpful. They understand the importance of being an apprentice and as such, are very accommodating.
Doris Kesse
Nursing apprentice, Cambridge University Hospitals

When my brother said he was going to do a degree apprenticeship it peaked my interest and I’m so thankful that I was given the opportunity. I am overwhelmed with the help I have received from both Nicholls Law and ARU. I’m really looking forward to the opportunities this will provide for both myself and the firm.
Vida Nicholls
Chartered Manager degree apprentice, Nicholls Law

I’m upskilling and improving my knowledge, which is beneficial to my employers, and personally, it’s giving me an insight in to which area of tech I want to go in to.
Laura Cain
Digital Technology Solutions degree apprentice, Ground Control

My experience so far has been fantastic. The One Group and Anglia Ruskin have both provided me with plenty of support and although it is early on in my career I have been welcomed in and am enjoying the interactive experience of studying too – being able to interact online with my fellow apprentices makes you feel part of a group.
Rebecca Head
Chartered Manager degree apprentice, The One Group

I believe there is no better way to learn a role than to learn the 'theory' at university and then use that information 'practically' in the workplace. My employer has noticed a great development in not just my knowledge but also my confidence. I would recommend an apprenticeship to anyone who is looking for that first step into the industry.
Bill Irvin
Chartered Surveying degree apprentice, Willby Burnett

The ARU apprenticeship has allowed me to put into practice what I learn within the course straight into my work. It’s also been so interesting meeting other apprentices from various sectors and finding out ways in which they have implemented what they’ve learnt into their work. There’s so much support from both the tutors and the rest of the group, I couldn’t fault it.
Becky Moreton
Chartered Manager degree apprentice, Epping Forest District Council

My degree apprenticeship means that I can learn and apply what I’m learning at the same time. I’m building up my skills in a practical way to enter the field of engineering qualified and experienced.
Alice Pinney
Civil Engineering degree apprentice, Kier

I knew that I wanted to undertake a degree to further my career and prospects with Nicholls Law. Degree Apprenticeships are a smart choice for anyone wishing to gain experience and accreditation that a degree course offers – whilst maintaining the stability of a job. ARU are embracing the future of learning by providing degree apprenticeship courses.
Josh Nicholls
Digital Technology Solutions degree apprentice, Nicholls Law

Developing my skills and learning further with the apprenticeship has made me love my job even more. It has confirmed to me that nursing is what I want to do long-term.
Rosie McAvoy
Nursing apprentice, Royal Papworth Hospital NHS Trust

The degree apprenticeship has allowed me to grow in confidence, giving me the opportunity to study a course which is relevant, not only in banking but all industry sectors and pushed me to make an impact from day one.
Christian Mussard
Chartered Manager degree apprentice, Barclays

I never thought University would be for me, but ARU has given me the opportunity to apply what I am taught to my daily work, which helps me to retain the information. I also like the idea of being able to earn while I’m studying and gain a degree and work experience at the same time.
Molly Peeters
Digital Technology Solutions degree apprentice, Sepura

My study at ARU has been interesting, and very easy to relate to real life situations within the workplace. The modules and teaching are varied, which further allows me to apply the content to my work, as well as using learning from case studies to add depth to my assignments.
Emma Day
Chartered Manager degree apprentice, Domino

The degree apprenticeship is the perfect route for people like me who need an income while they are studying.
Katie Killin
Nursing apprentice, The Writtle Surgery

The degree apprenticeship I’m completing is providing me with invaluable experience and has completely transformed my employability prospects.
Harry Pepper
Chartered Manager degree apprentice, Barclays

My apprenticeship is hard work but very rewarding. I can learn and earn which is amazing! I get great support from ARU, they are always here to help when needed. I'd encourage anyone who wants to be a nurse to take this route. You won’t regret it!
Tanya Bailey
Nursing apprentice, Cambridge University Hospitals

Our family-run firm has a commitment to lifelong learning, bit it was the enthusiasm of my son and daughter in starting their degree apprenticeships that convinced me it was time to study for my Masters Apprenticeship. ARU have been very supportive to us – both as employers and individually as apprentices. Our commitment to learning will not only benefit us, but also future-proof the firm.
Julia Nicholls
Senior Leaders Masters degree apprentice, Nicholls Law