How can REACTOR support you?

REACTOR can support eligible SMEs in the following ways:

  • Match funded grants
  • Games development and academic support
  • Specialist games software and hardware
  • Access to a cross discipline network cluster.

Find out how to apply

REACTOR offers three types of support grants

All REACTOR support grants must be match funded 50% by the SME.

1. 1-2-1 consultancy: support for SMEs wishing to access 1-2-1 consultancy, tailored to individual requirements; help to reduce the uncertainty about an innovation; guidance on solving specific problems and ultimately enabling the business to launch a new product or service. At least 12 hours of bespoke mentoring (maximum eligible costs £1,200; maximum grant £600).

2. Innovation support - product new to organisation: SMEs can procure support from any business (large or small), consultant or professional adviser; or from any research entity or university. At least 12 hours of innovation support can be funded to launch a product new to the firm (maximum eligible costs up to £12,000: maximum grant £6,000).

3. Innovation support - product new to market: SMEs can procure support from any business (large or small), consultant or professional adviser; or from any research entity or university. At least 12 hours of innovation support can be funded to launch a product new to the market (maximum eligible costs up to £12,000: maximum grant £6,000).

More ways REACTOR can support you

Games development and academic support: REACTOR can provide you with mentoring support through its many activities where you can meet with experts in the field of games creation, theory and technology as well as business development.

REACTOR is also a part of the academic community, with specialisms across the board. At our events this support is given in group situations where you can work with other SMEs to focus on understanding a particular market or in an early stage of concept development.

Specialist games software and hi spec hardware: Our Incubator Space in Cambridge provides a make-space giving access to specialist games software and high spec development and rendering machines to create slick and professional products.

Access to a cross discipline network cluster: Our incubator Space is also a great place to with games developers, technical support and expert academic advice to assist you in developing your product. Our programme of events and Meetups will introduce you to other SMEs, Games development specialist and wider business contacts in the local business development and support network.

Apply now

To become a part of the REACTOR project you need to be an eligible SME and meet the following criteria:

  • Sole traders (registered as a business).
  • Social enterprises (if engaged in economic activity).
  • Individuals, freelancers, students and larger businesses may be eligible to attend or engage in some activities but are not the primary target market.
  • SMEs: enterprises which employ fewer than 250 persons and which have an annual turnover not exceeding €50million or an annual balance sheet total not exceeding €43million, as evidenced by last approved annual accounts or in the case of new businesses by a declaration from the SME containing a bona fide estimate of future turnover.
  • Have its registered head office, as per its Companies House records, within England, ideally within the Programme's qualifying geographical area (Greater Cambridge Greater Peterborough LEP area) or have at least 75% of its economic activity occurring there.
  • Be no more than 25% owned by another company.

If this is you, please complete the SME eligibility form and send to the REACTOR team and they will contact you to discuss your plans and advise how REACTOR can help you reach your goals.

Alternatively, come along to one of our events and one of the REACTOR team will be happy to discuss how we can help you.

How to apply in three simple steps

Stage 1

Expression of interest: Email the REACTOR team to express your interest in the challenge along with a completed eligibility form. If you’re not sure about getting involved drop us an email to discuss, we are happy to talk it through with interested parties.

Stage 2

Application form: If your business is eligible, the REACTOR team will send you a short application form requesting an outline of your concept.

Stage 3

Make an appointment to visit the REACTOR team at our new Incubator Space in Cambridge, or at one of our events, for assistance in developing your concept.

To book time in our Incubator Space, email us at or call 01223 698254.