Big Gamification Challenge

What is the Big Gamification Challenge?

An exciting part of the REACTOR initiative is the annual Big Gamification Challenge. Each year the challenge requires participants to focus on solving a problem within a particular sector, or on enhancing and improving experiences, by harnessing the power of applied games.

SMEs can use any technologies they think are relevant to their concept. However, REACTOR requires the SMEs to add value by using and demonstrating the use of games technologies, creative digital methodologies, and knowledge exchange between participating companies.

REACTOR provides participants with a range of innovation support, through its growing community of experts, innovators, enablers and mentors.

Participants are also able to access funding from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) – which co-funds the REACTOR project with Anglia Ruskin University, to help take initial concepts all the way through to being ready to launch.

Support includes: advice from some of the best games makers and sector specialists; small match funded grants; and use of the REACTOR incubator space.

Key benefits for participating SMEs are:

  1. access to possible customers
  2. access to funding opportunities including REACTOR grants
  3. access to world–class academics and industry professionals 
  4. access to relevant business networks
  5. feedback from experts and users 

Rise to the Challenge

The 2018-2019 theme for the Big Gamification Challenge is Connectivity | Systems thinking between people, places, machines and the environment. Launching the REACTOR Big Gamification Challenge theme at the Showcase in June 2018, Cambridge Wireless's CCO Abhi Naha said, "...encouraging and equipping entrepreneurs to develop tech-based concepts that will improve experiences, raise living standards and enhance the world is an ambition that we share with REACTOR...I have seen the potential for tech to be used for good.  Further significant, positive disruption is completely within reach..."

Gamification: making and maintaining connections 

REACTOR aims to encourage an open systems thinking approach to maximise inclusivity.  We are eager for you to join us to use your ideas, connect your ideas to creative minds to make 'things' that change the world through the use of gamification.

The use of gamification in products and services has the power to create a better, more immersive experience for the people who use them.  The better we connect with people and the more sustained those connections are, the stronger the sense of community and belonging grows.

We want to give businesses the chance to improve connectivity to their users, customers, clients and employees and improve the quality of life for those people.

How do you make people and things connected?

Just like within games where a player can develop their strengths, choose their own path and make social connections with other players to compete against or to combine talents to reach higher goals, by building game-play into your business's UX, with your own style and relevance, you can make sustained engagement fun and compelling.  The community can bring together every person with their own knowledge, expertise and resources.

This is what the Connectivity challenge is about, recognising the skills and knowledge the audience possesses and encouraging them to contribute to changing the behaviours for a better experience for all.

Design. Develop. Publish

REACTOR offers the opportunity for SMEs to use gamification in their products and services to help create stronger connections with and between their audiences, and build a positive community.

We do this through a series of knowledge exchange seminars and workshops to help hone their ideas and learn about different gamification methods.  REACTOR also provide match-funded grants to help SMEs develop their products for a project value of up to £12,000 (50% match funded by the SME).  We run a series of insightful Meetups focused on the SME experience, alongside pitching and showcase events to assist in the developing their businesses.

Join us

If you would like more information about the challenge, drop us an email to discuss - we are happy to talk it through with you.


Our REACTOR events are designed to assist you in the development of your concepts for the Big Gamification Challenge, from concept development, pitching to industry and peers, and showcasing your proof of concept.