KEEP+ subsidised innovation internships

Are you an innovative SME developing a new product or service? Looking for an injection of expertise? A graduate intern could be the answer.

KEEP+ could part fund a 12 week internship to provide specialist expertise to help get your project to market. 50% match funding (capped at £2800) is available to assist you to directly employ a graduate intern with the skills you need to develop your project.

Innovation Internships provide an opportunity for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) to access graduate level skills to boost the development of a new product of service. 

The internships are a short-term collaborations lasting for 12 weeks between:

  • you, the business
  • a suitably qualified graduate intern who will work on your innovation-led project.

By participating in an Innovation Internship you are able to receive European Regional Development Fund-subsidised support that will provide additional capacity and capability to:

  • support the development of new products and services
  • receive assistance for the development and design of new products
  • improve your performance and business operations
  • support innovation and business improvement
  • explore innovative new ideas
  • bring new knowledge into the business.

Is my business eligible?

Details about eligibility, terms and conditions are on our KEEP+ eligibility page

What is the application process?

You'll need to complete an eligibility form to check whether you qualify for the programme. If you're successful, you'll be able to continue with the process of recruitment.

Who employs the graduate?

Anglia Ruskin University employs the graduate, but they'll be based at your company full-time, working to company hours and with company holidays. All administration relating to the graduate's employment is our the responsibility.

How long does an Innovation Internship last?

An Innovation Internship lasts for 12 weeks.

Can the company employ the graduate at the end of the project?

Though it's not obligatory, many graduates are offered permanent positions on completion of the project.

To register your interest in an Innovation Internship and learn more about how the programme can help you, please contact:

The Business Development Team: +44 (0)1223 695 878