KEEP+ subsidised research and development

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Are you a SME business looking for subsidised research and development support to help develop a new product or service?

The KEEP+ programme is offering a number of research and innovation collaboration opportunities that will help your business develop projects that test, develop and launch new products, processes and services. Known as 'RICs' for short, these Research and Innovation Collaboration interventions are designed to help your business grow its product or service portfolio.

You can use the intervention from initial idea/conception stage all the way through to market launch. We can provide collaborative research services or research and development support in a number of ways. Access to our research facilities and expertise will be integral to the project’s success. Through our network, it may also be possible to access new markets and stakeholders such as public sector organisations, other research entities and larger businesses.

For more information about KEEP+, contact:

+44 (0)1223 695878