KEEP+ graduate job opportunities

ERDF logo Being a KEEP+ Associate on a Knowledge Exchange and Embed Partnership (KEEP+) project is a great opportunity to put your graduate skills to use and to fast-track your career.

What is a KEEP+ Associate and how does their role fit in with the partnership?

A KEEP+ is a collaboration between a Company, a ‘Knowledge Base’ (an academic department within the University) and an Associate (that’s you).

The KEEP+ Associate is a recent graduate who is employed by our University to work full time at the company. As the KEEP+ Associate, you are really the bridge in the collaboration and will drive the project, with academic support, to deliver a strategic change and embed expertise into the company.

What’s in it for you?

KEEP+ is designed to fast-track your career development. You’ll have the opportunity to work with senior management, often including the Managing Director, of a company on a pre-defined work plan. That means that not only will you have real, commercial deliverables with which to enhance your CV with but you will also have delivered a critical change within the core of a business.

Are there any other benefits?

A training budget specific to the KEEP+ Associate is built into each project. This means that you will be able to create a personal development plan and propose courses needed to complete the project as well as to enhance your post-project employability. Approximately 10% of your project time is dedicated to your training and development. You’ll come out with vital industry experience and with better skills, ready for your next opportunity.

You can also visit our KEEP+ Associate FAQ page for more information.

Register your interest

To register your interest in future opportunities, please send your CV, plus an indication of what job roles you are seeking (eg Graduate seeking Electronics Engineering Role) to