Live Briefs FAQs

Find out more about how Live Briefs work with our FAQs.

If you have any further questions, or an idea for a Live Brief that you would like to discuss further, please fill in our Live Briefs Expression of Interest form (PDF) and send it to

What does the live brief need to be about?

There are no hard and fast rules about the topic of the live brief as long as it is a real business or organisational issue. It may be an ongoing issue within your organisation that has not been a particularly high priority, one that has newly emerged or something that your staff have not yet had time to work on. It may even be an issue that has recently been resolved by your own staff but could benefit from a fresh approach or different thinking.

Will I be expected to mark the students' work?

No, the marking of the student coursework will be conducted by the academics. Your feedback, however, is invaluable as it is from a professional perspective rather than academic, which will be of great value to the students.

What type of professional feedback is expected from me?

There are various ways your professional feedback can be given to the students and what form it will take will be agreed and discussed with you prior to delivery of the live brief.

Much will depend on how much time you can commit to reviewing the students work and how many students are taking part, but ideally this would be a face to face session. This could be a poster presentation where you could review their work and give immediate feedback or may take the form of a student presentation event. Alternatively their work may be provided to you in a report style or PowerPoint slide pack for you to provide feedback on its value as well as areas for improvement.

Whichever method is selected, we ask that you take into account that although honesty is essential, the feedback is provided in such a constructive way that it builds rather than diminishes student confidence and points to areas where they met the live brief as well as areas for further development.

Do I always have to come to the campus?

Whilst we always welcome external partners to our premises and to meet our students personally, we appreciate that you are busy and so we can make alternative arrangements.

We have excellent technology in our classrooms that allow live links and these interactions can also be recorded and shown to other groups of students later through our managed learning environment.

If I commit to a live brief this year, will I be expected to keep coming back?

Of course we would be delighted if you were able to come back the following year to deliver a similar or different live brief to another group of students but appreciate that this may not be possible.

If delivering to first year students, you may choose to use a different idea the following year or to set another, more challenging live brief to second year students as an alternative.

Either way, we only tie you in for one delivery and there is no obligation to commit the following year.

What if my live brief involves reading sensitive or confidential information about my organisation?

It is possible for students who will be undertaking your live brief (and the staff involved in working with you to develop it) to sign a non-disclosure document. Whether or not this should be an integral part of the process will be discussed with you prior to delivery.

Who should I contact if I run into unexpected difficulties?

We do not anticipate any issues as the students will have been prepared for the live brief session and the joint commitment statement clarifies both your responsibilities and that of the academic.

However, if your experience is not as expected, the dedicated Academic Employability Consultant for the faculty will assist you. Should there be any issues or concerns about any of our students, we would appreciate your feedback so that we can ensure it is properly addressed.

What happens if my circumstances change and I am no longer able to deliver the live brief?

We understand that circumstances occasionally change and whilst we hope we would be given sufficient notice to make alternative arrangements, our academics are always able to cope in such circumstances and arrange an alternative student activity.

It is suggested that our employer partners also have some contingency plans in place, possibly for another member of your staff to deliver the live brief in your place in the event of an emergency. We may not be able to re-arrange your live brief session to a later date due to timetabling/curriculum issues.