Apply to be an Innovation 50 company

Competition now closed

To be an Innovation 50 company, you need to be a Small to Medium Sized enterprise operating in any sector based in Essex that can demonstrate growth and innovation. You should be willing to take part in our research so we can learn more about you. If you want to know more before you submit your entry or need any help, please contact

Briefly tell us why are you special

This is your chance to tell us why you should be considered an Innovation 50 company! You may be chosen to participate in our full business survey later on, but, for now, please say something about your achievements, how you've grown and examples of creative or innovative ways of doing things, This can include product, process or service innovation, new ways of working, adaptation of technology, leadership and management etc.

Ideally, you will be able to provide details of growth in turnover, staffing and market share over a three year period (or a shorter period if you have been operating for less than three years). Turnover will be expressed as a percentage of growth in sales/revenue. Similarly, market share will be expressed as a percentage growth in your market. Employee data will be a numeric value of one point in time compared with another.

What is more important to us at this stage, however, is learning about your growth and innovation… so tell us why you are special!