Centre for Process Excellence

Specialising in processes and supply chains, the Centre for Process Excellence brings together a team of experts to create effective and innovative process and supply chain performance.

The Centre for Process Excellence is a channel and catalyst for process and supply chain innovation and improvement. The Centre was born out of a successful Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Hexcel Composites Ltd. This project developed supply chain practices including service level agreements, a supply chain performance metrics dashboard using big data, and an analytical approach to improving service performance.

The Centre focuses on developing a range of capabilities to improve processes and supply chains. This includes being able to use key data more thoroughly by employing business intelligence tools. We’re dedicated to developing integrated processes to improve performance by reducing lead time and increasing velocity.

Our research has focused on developing better service capabilities to understand the customer and reduce delays. Providing a range of services and events to support innovation and improvement in supply chains, the Centre aims to benefit three key stakeholders:

  1. Organisations
  2. People studying operations and supply chain management
  3. Academics interested in this research area.

The overall intended impact of the Centre is to support the analysis and development of process improvements in an organisation or a wider supply chain for economic, environmental or societal gains.


  1. Provide insightful analysis to organisations on their current processes or supply chain to enable effective process and supply chain improvement.
  2. Lead and collaborate on projects that implement process or supply chain innovation and improvement.
  3. Provide opportunities for upskilling and competency development for current and future operations and supply chain managers.
  4. Showcase to the business community the approaches and projects undertaken and disseminate the findings of the projects to the academic research community.


  • Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Hexcel Composites Ltd, developing supply chain policy and procedures, creating visibility of supply chain performance and metrics and improving service performance. Project funded: £180,000. Started July 2015, ran to December 2017. Academic supervisors: Dr Helen Benton and Dr Swetketu Patnaik.
  • Developing sustainability in the pharmaceutical supply chain. Academic supervisor: Dr Ying Xie.
  • Leveraging information systems for service operations: The integration of customer connection. Academic supervisor: Dr Teng Teng.
  • Low-Carbon KEEP with Llewellyn Smith, funded by European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). Project funded: £79,253.36. September 2014-September 2015. Academic supervisors: Dr Helen Benton and Naowarat Lewis.
  • Low Carbon KEEP project with Cost Centre Services Ltd, funded by European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). Project funded: £34,116.67. August 2014-May 2015. Academic supervisor: Dr Ying Xie.
  • Project Management Course for Russian Railways, funded by Russian Railways. August-December 2013. Developer: Dr Helen Benton.


PhD researcher

  • Ioannis Dermitzakis

For more information on the Centre, please contact Dr Helen Benton