Centre for Innovation in Business Education (CIBE)

Developing teaching and learning practices, CIBE is a vibrant network focused on improving business education through projects, research and our own professional practice.

Our research is unique in our aim to create a network for discussing, developing practice and raising awareness of innovative business education. Officially launched in January 2015, we look at how to get funding for and run projects in this area to help support higher education institutions to create a successful learning and teaching environment.

We are passionate about using innovative techniques to improve the learning experience for our students. We place a distinct emphasis on the development of useful and transferable learning and teaching techniques to make students more employable and to create more enjoyable learning environments.


  1. To enhance practice in teaching and learning, and develop employable business graduates. 
  2. To co-ordinate the management of numerous learning and teaching research projects, which are internally and externally funded.
  3. To develop opportunities for networking and collaborating within the Faculty, with other university research centres and institutes, and with the international business education community.
  4. To increase the impact and dissemination capability through case studies, events, digital networks, teaching, learning and pedagogy-related journals and other academic outlets.

Case studies and themes

Our Business School has innovative teaching at its core and our academic staff continually develop the classroom experience for our students. Below is a collection of themes, with successful practice case studies where available, that introduce some of our innovations through CIBE:

  • Education for Sustainability (EfS)
  • Inclusive and Accessible Learning and Teaching
  • Enhancing Assessment and Feedback - Blogs and team sites
  • Enhancing Assessment and Feedback - Design and implement a learning intervention
  • Enhancing Assessment and Feedback - Self and peer assessment
  • Student Engagement and Retention
  • Technology Enhanced and Digital Pedagogies

Current projects

  • HEFCE Catalyst Fund, working on employer-informed and team-based learning for postgraduates. Project funded: £37,697. Started December 2016 with Dr Sally Everett, Dr Kevin Rose and Dr Helen Benton. 
  • Embedding Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, and a ‘Human Library’ within our Business Curriculum. Started September 2016, ran to July 2017 with Dr Sally Everett, Steve McDonald, Katie Potts and Grace Anderson.
  • Increasing Student Engagement by Understanding and Managing Mutual Expectations between our Students and our University. Started in September 2016, ran to July 2017 with Natalie Kite.
  • Giving Human Resources Management (HRM) Students the opportunity to ‘Be The Change’, an ongoing project to embed sustainability practices into HRM education. Started September 2016, ran to July 2017 with Caroline Rook.

CIBE team

There are two Co-Directors for the Centre, Dr Beatriz Acevedo and Dr Helen Benton. The core team for CIBE consists of the Academic Learning Technologists, Learning Leads, Deputy Dean, Directors and University Teaching Fellows. The faculty also has a number of PhD researchers conducting pedagogical and learning and teaching research:

Core team:

PhD Researchers:

  • Jamsith Abdul-Azeez
  • Rany Abu-Etiah
  • Richard Bakare
  • Nigel Fulchan
  • Nomiun Ganzorig
  • Naowarat Lewis
  • Romas Malevicius
  • Amedlia Ramroop
  • Shameen Shaffi
  • Daryl Sharpe
  • Peter Young
  • Rana Zayadin

For more information on the centre, please contact Dr Helen Benton