How we can help

CfPW will offer individuals and organisations the opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to become more effective in:

  1. Strategic thinking and the creation of partnerships within and across sectors.
  2. Achieving strategic change through partnership working.
  3. Transforming performance and value for money through partnership working.
  4. Developing the competencies, organisational capabilities, capacity and culture to be an intelligent and effective partner.
  5. Relationship building to move from transaction to collaboration to partnership working.

CfPW will achieve the above through:

  1. Intra-sectoral and inter-sectoral seminars and conferences.
  2. Publishing best practice papers, case studies and articles.
  3. Tailored in-house programmes and sponsored research on policy and practice issues related to the options available to improve the economy, efficiency and effectiveness of partnership working.
  4. The development of academic programmes and programmes and modules accredited by professional institutions.