About the Centre for Partnership Working

Are you a senior or aspiring manager; a change maker? Someone who recognises that a key strategic challenge for organisations in all sectors, and for you as a manager, it to transform outcomes from joint working, both within your sector and with others. Do you recognise that senior managers need to think strategically and that organisations that seek to act as islands are more likely to fail their objectives and not fully realise the value from their resources available?

The Centre for Partnership Working (CPfW) was created in 2019 by ARU in recognition of the demand for a transformation in joint working within and between the  public, private and not for profit distribution sectors. Too often, joint working is sub-optimal and fails to deliver its potential. The Centre seeks to provide managers and their organisations with the knowledge and skills to make joint working more effective and to transform outcomes from available resources.

Too often the language of partnership is used when describing joint working when the reality is that relationships are often transactional and, at best, collaborative. Whilst the aspiration might be to move to true partnership working, and to realise the benefits of it, there is too often a lack of willingness and ability to deliver it in practice.

If the potential value from joint working, in terms of outcomes and outputs from resource investment is to be realised, joint working needs to change. Organisations and their managers need to develop and sustain relationships based on trust and confidence with a focus on achieving shared objectives whilst recognising each others contexts.

Organisations in all sectors not only face the challenges of joint working externally, but getting joint working internally to work effectively. Too frequently external joint working and performance is inhibited by a lack of effective internal joint working. The Centre will enable managers within these organisations to make internal joint working fit for purpose so that the potential of external joint working can be realised.

Joint working is a key competence required for senior managers, and those aspiring to become senior managers. If you are a manager that wants to develop key competence, and you have the desire to transform outcomes and make a real impact through joint working within your sector, and with other sectors, the Centre wants to hear from you. Become part of the Network of Practitioners and share knowledge and experience of joint working.

Making joint working effective requires the willingness and ability to challenge and evolve:

  1. Organisational objectives, strategy and leadership 
  2. Organisational culture
  3. Joint working competencies
  4. The use of financial and operational capacity
  5. The organisational capabilities that link competencies to capacity focused on the delivery of joint working objectives
  6. Accountability for performance
  7. The approach to risk and reward
  8. Organisational governance

The Centre will support organisations and the managers within them to transform joint working and the outcomes from it. Focused on the needs of practitioners, the Centre will draw upon practical examples and academic theory. It will seek to challenge and to stimulate new ways of thinking and working and to support organisations and their leaders to address how both internal and external joint working can be transformed.

A series of informative and thought provoking seminars with presentations from highly respected practitioners are being developed but we'd like your input to develop other seminars to meet your needs. To get in touch about existing events or to help create something bespoke, please contact cfpw@aru.ac.uk.