UKRO statement on the EU referendum result

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4 July 2016

We've had emails from several of you asking about how Brexit will affect our EU Research Funding activity, and thought it would be helpful to share a statement recently released by the UK Research Office (UKRO).

"The result of the referendum today will prompt a number of questions on the future of EU Research and Innovation funding and policy implications for the UK. The decision to leave the EU will now have to be translated into a range of detailed negotiations and decisions - including those relating to the research and innovation.

"With a view to existing EU grants and EU policy, for the moment being, the UK continues to be a member of the EU. It is likely that with the overall process still to be defined in detail and the timeline yet to be determined, it will take some time until any clearer messages emerge. The process for withdrawing from the European Union is explained in more detail on the Government's referendum website.

"UKRO will continue to provide services as usual and we would actively encourage subscribers to send us their queries related to the effects of the referendum outcome. Questions that the community shares at the moment include the future of existing EU grants and the impact on grants currently under negotiation, as well as wider topics regarding institutions' EU engagement strategies and what messages to give to researchers on EU funding. Whilst we will not be able to give immediate answers to most queries, we will endeavour to provide updates on the most pressing issues as soon as possible via the UKRO Portal. UKRO will continue to play a facilitation role between the research community and all relevant actors over the coming period."

So in summary, it's business as usal for now, but please watch this space and the UKRO portal for any further announcements or responses to popular queries. You can easily keep up to date by subscribing to UKRO alerts, but if you'd rather not, we will be sure to share any important information here.

If you have specific questions about the above, please feel free to reach out to the ARU Research Services Team. We're happy to lend an ear.



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