Top tips for commuting to Chelmsford

Lucie Hamilton

Faculty: Health, Education, Medicine and Social Care
School: School of Education and Social Care
Course: Early Childhood Studies
Category: Education

20 August 2017

As a mature student, I cannot stay on campus as I have a family at home. So I commute to my sessions that take place on campus.

Whilst commuting can be a bit rubbish sometimes, especially when you have a 9am lecture and you hit rush hour traffic, but there are some things you can do to make it a little more enjoyable.

Here are my top tips for commuting:

1/ Car Share!

A friend of mine who is on the same course as me lives just 15 minutes from my house. So very quickly, after starting in year one, we decided to car share. I mean, why not? We are both on campus on the same days, at the same time, and, let’s face it, travelling can be a bit boring sometimes! So we are in two days per week so one day she drives, and the next, I drive. Half the fuel cost too!

2/ Park & Ride.

Whilst I have to drive some of the way to ARU, it would be pointless for me to drive all the way there because there is no parking on campus. So if I drive all the way there, I have to spend a fortune on parking which, at minimum, is about a fiver. I once paid £18 because I was at uni longer than anticipated. The park and ride is £3! I know what I would rather do. There is one at Chelmer Valley and one at Sandon – so accessibility for both ends of Chelmsford.

3/ Read a book / listen to music.

Linking in with using the park and ride, I like to read on my kindle on the way in. It relaxes me and sets me up for the day. Some people like to listen to music too. You generally have about 20 minutes from Sandon and precisely 7 minutes from Chelmer Valley until you get to campus, so that’s enough time to read a chapter or listen to a few songs!

4/ Hoffmanns Way

This is a sneaky little piece of information that not everyone knows – although they will do now so it may not be as accessible! But, down Hoffmanns Way – which is right next to the campus at Chelmsford – you are allowed to park for free for ONE HOUR. I use this road sometimes if I am just popping in for books or a tutorial. Remember it is only for one hour though…

5/ Cycle

There are areas available at the Chelmsford campus to store your bicycle, so if you don’t live too far then cycling to campus is a great way to stay healthy and BE ECO FRIENDLY. ARU pride themselves on their commitment to sustainability so things like cycling are very well catered for. Doesn’t cost you a penny, either!


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