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Faculty:Business and Law

School:School of Management

Course: BSc (Hons) Business and Human Resource Management

Student Ambassador

Hi I’m Emma, and I’m currently studying Business and HRM, I came to ARU through Clearing after transferring from another University last year due to not liking my course. I’m so glad I made the choice as ARU is like my home, I made so many new friends, despite starting the course late, and have got involved with so many extracurricular activities put on by the Business School - the pizza nights are my personal favourites.

I am also part of the Intern Programme which means I receive monthly training to prepare me for the Business world and a business mentor to help me get the skills I need when I graduate. I am also the Rep for my course, which means I'm involved with giving feedback within the Business School and get involved in all sorts of different events held by the Students Union, including the elections this year which was great fun.

I'm not particularly a very sporty person so the only sport I get involved with is the taster sessions and campus sport which lets people like me who aren't the most graceful when it comes to sport, just play for fun and get some exercise. I'm excited to be a digital ambassador to help new students with the information which I wish people had given me when I began university and to help people feel more comfortable and that they are not alone in this!

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9 April 2018

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