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We know that your future career prospects are important, and we're here to help you prepare for the world of work.

Whether you've just joined ARU or you're starting to think about graduation, the Employability Service can support you with career planning, job searches, interview preparation and more. We also organise a host of events, including careers fairs, workshops and opportunities to meet employers.

Our monthly blog shares tips and features on preparing for the world of work.

If you'd like to catch up in person, simply drop in to see us in Cambridge or Chelmsford.

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22 July 2021

If you’ve just received a 2:2 degree result and are worried about your employability, this blog is here to help you feel confident about your graduate prospects and next steps. Read more…

18 June 2021

Recent Employability Service blogs have included a mention on how to gain or update knowledge that might be useful for your ‘skills database’. Here's one (free) way you can do that. Read more…

1 June 2021

We may not all be illustrators, animators or good at making videos, but we are all creative in one way or another. Read more…

20 May 2021

Alongside a well-deserved break, the summer vacation is also a great opportunity to explore career ideas and to grow employability confidence. Read more…

16 April 2021

Whilst it may be the ‘dream’ to land the job we intend straight after university, the reality is that it may not happen that way and sometimes we take a different direction. This is something that Kim Warner, Employability & Careers Adviser and ARU graduate, learned first-hand. Read more…

25 March 2021

Students often shy away from working with recruitment agencies - but why? Not being ‘senior enough’ or not being sure how they work are common reasons but avoidance could mean you are missing out! By working with recruitment agencies, you can access a whole new job market. Read more…

22 March 2021

Throughout time, matchmaking in romantic terms has been placed in the hands of specialised professionals, including astrologers and clergy. But change the context to recruitment and it’s your application that fulfils this role, making sure you and the job you want live happily ever after. Read more…


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