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Join students from across our Faculty of Science and Engineering for a behind-the-scenes look at life at Anglia Ruskin.

Our bloggers are studying a range of courses, from optometry to computer science, and studying in Cambridge and Chelmsford. Follow them from Freshers' Week through to graduation.

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27 November 2019

I started at ARU in 2008, as an undergraduate student. Having experienced the culture and the environment of the University first-hand during my studies, in 2013 I joined the staff as a lecturer. Read more…

27 November 2019

When your name is Yingang Du ('Du' means civil engineering in Chinese, and 'Yingang' to guide someone on steel/concrete design), it makes sense to take civil engineering as your career. Read more…

26 November 2019

I'm a graduate of ARU so when I was offered the chance to teach engineering here, I was delighted and accepted it instantly. Read more…

26 November 2019

After a few years in applied research and consultancy, I wanted to go back to academia - which I'd left after completing my PhD. ARU offered me the opportunity to start doing research and, after that, to take on teaching activities. I appreciate the diversity I found here. Read more…

25 November 2019

As an lecturer and a researcher, I'm passionate about transferring my knowledge and training the engineers and scientists of the future. Read more…

25 November 2019

As an engineer I've designed, developed and manufactured products for industry, and I'm keen to teach our students about the latest technology available for the international market. Read more…

25 November 2019

Having originally studied electronics, I decided that the built environment - and civil engineering in particular - were the best fit for me. Now I teach the engineers of the future. Read more…

23 May 2019

Dr Kez Latham is a professional optometrist, and Head of the Department of Vision and Hearing Sciences at ARU. Here, Kez discusses how her job allows her to make a difference - to students, patients and colleagues. Read more…

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