My path to postgraduate study


Faculty: Science and Engineering
School: Psychology and Sport Science
Course: MSc Consumer Psychology
Category: Psychology

15 July 2021

A couple of years ago, I was unsure of where I wanted my degree to take me… this was until my third year as undergraduate, where I chose Consumer Psychology as one of my modules.

The module taught me a lot about how as psychologists we can capture consumers' attention by applying different theories and stimuli, giving me an insight into the psychological aspects of consumption, advertising and marketing. As psychology is a broad subject, I was really keen to learn more about the consumer aspect. Interested in pursuing a career in marketing, I then decided to study MSc Consumer Psychology at ARU.

For me, ARU was the only place I could see myself studying. Not only is it one of the few European MScs in the consumer discipline, but the support I received in my undergraduate studies from the academics and University as a whole made the thought of doing a postgraduate course a lot less daunting, and the resources and extra support sessions give me a lot more confidence to work independently. Although the difficulty level is definitely a step up, you always know where to find the support you need, and you feel proud when you work on something that you have not previously done as an undergraduate.

One aspect that particularly interested me about the course is the high focus around employability and career paths. Each week, we hear from a guest speaker from all different areas of consumer psychology. This has been beneficial as it has provided me not only with the knowledge to understand the topic but the opportunities to kick-start a career with some of the biggest brands and companies globally, such as apprenticeships and graduate schemes.

For me personally, I am now coming towards the end of my course and have just begun a three-month internship with ARU working alongside the marketing team, applying the skills I’ve learnt through my course to a professional workplace setting.

I would highly recommend studying an MSc course at ARU as it has allowed me to further explore a topic I am passionate about while also developing psychological skills, helping me stand out in an increasingly competitive job market. I believe that with plenty of different ways to study, such as January starts and part-time or full-time courses, anyone can find a course that’s right for them.


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