My Favourite Module - Analogue Electronics


Faculty: Science and Engineering
School: Engineering and the Built Environment
Course: BEng (Hons) Electronic Engineering
Category: Engineering

17 August 2018

I had eight modules during my first year of undergraduate study. Some were very easy flowing whereas some saw me drinking tea late at night whilst I sat down and tried to get my head around the topic. I put a lot of thought into this topic and really questioned myself, do I have a favourite module?

I have enjoyed all the modules this year and picking one is difficult. Just while I was pondering over this, a conversation between me and my dad strikes me.  I remember sitting with him in our garden one late afternoon having a nice cup of tea and I was telling Dad how excited I was about starting on this new journey at ARU and telling him how much the world has digitized and how much digital electronics can help take the world move forward in terms of tech. Dad giggled and told me “What about Analogue Electronics? Won’t you enjoy that?”. Back then, I didn’t think I would actually enjoy Analogue Electronics so much as it deals with rather big signals and machines, but come Semester 2 when I had to actually deal with the subject I must tell you it was one of the best modules I’ve done! Everyone has a favourite right? Favourite dress/place/food and so on. I have loved all my modules but this one wins by a point!

There’s a reason behind having such an immense liking of Analogue Electronics.  I remember attending the very first lecture and being so intrigued about the subject like never before.  Every week at the end of the lecture we were given a bunch of questions to solve which was related to the lecture. They weren’t easy questions to solve and it was rather tough at the beginning, however, this made me go the extra mile to find the correct answers and in doing so I realised just how much I liked this subject! Come week 3 and we were given our assignment topic, which had to be mathematically worked out from the offset, from there we designed the circuit on the computer and analysed the results. Initially, I was prepared for a mental breakdown as I thought to myself "this is going to be difficult” and juggling other modules and doing so much of typing and designing would be difficult but again I WAS WRONG! I started working from the very day we were assigned our assessment, referred to books from the library about the topic and started to plan my whole assignment. I did a lot of reading and noted down all the vital points that I needed to include in my assignment and spent an hour a day working on it in order to finish in time. This was definitely one of the biggest assignments in my first year and by dedicating one hour a day to this project I was able to submit my assignment three and half weeks before the deadline and I can proudly say that I ACED the module!

Today when I think back on this experience, it was the scared me who always thought “I can’t do something that requires so much hard work!” However, the one thing that I learnt at the end of this year was learning to love and most importantly, have faith that you can do it! Whatever field you belong to there is going to be that one module that gives you a tough time but always remember make love with what you hate, and it would love you back the same way! On that note “Believe in yourself, follow your dreams and never ever give up.”


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