How to make the most of your summer before starting university


Faculty: Health, Education, Medicine and Social Care
School: School of Nursing and Midwifery
Course: BS(c) Hons Midwifery
Category: Student Ambassador

24 June 2019

The summer before you start university is a rare time in your life where you have no commitments, yet are about to have fixed plans for the next three or four years of your life. It’s a feeling of freedom that shouldn’t be wasted and most certainly an opportunity to do some really memorable things with friends and family. Here are few ideas to have the best summer before starting university.

  1. Book a trip with your friends - This doesn’t have to be expensive and it could just be for a long weekend but it’s a fantastic opportunity to make some lifelong memories with your closest friends before you all venture off to university. Perhaps a road trip to Devon or Cornwall camping or if the budget stretches somewhere warmer – just make sure you’re all back before results day!
  2. Explore the city or place you’re moving to - Take a day or even the weekend to explore your universities town or city. Get your bearings by finding the local supermarket near to your accommodation, the best places for lunch or dinner and the quickest route to university for those days you may be feeling a tad tired!
  3. Learn a new life skill - Use your free time to learn a new life skill, this could be learning to cook from your parents or local cookery school where you can learn the basics. Learning to drive if you haven’t already done so, how to use a sewing machine, fixing a puncture on your car or bike, sprucing up on your DIY skills or anything else you can think of that would benefit you at university.
  4. Start an exercise routine - The summer holidays are a great time to try something new or get back into a sport you’ve put on hold whilst you studied for your exams. Running, boxing, cricket, football, paddle boarding – whatever your specialism get outside and enjoy! You might also find that your chosen university will have a sports team or society for you to join in Freshers’ Week and if they don’t you can set one up!
  5. Get a summer job - A summer job isn’t just about putting some extra pennies aside for your summer trip with friends, but also a fantastic way to meet new people, gain life skills and socialising. Having a summer job in a coffee shop, restaurant and bar can help boost your confidence, earn some extra money and you’ll make some really awesome friends! The great thing about finding a job in a coffee shop, restaurant or bar is that lots of places will find you work for when you come back during your breaks at uni.
  6. Volunteer - Lots of companies run really amazing volunteering opportunities oversees such as teaching in Thailand or helping in an animal sanctuary in Sri Lanka. You could do this by yourself or with friends and then afterwards have a couple of weeks sitting by the pool reading. If you don’t fancy overseas there are so many opportunities on your doorstep, such as your local charity shops, dog or cat sanctuary, supporting the elderly, helping at your local food bank. Whatever you choose to do, your help, support and most importantly your time will be greatly appreciated.
  7. Go for a big family picnic - If you’re moving away from home for university like I did, you may not see lots of your family until Christmas. So why not get all the family together for a big picnic at the beach or park where you can play games and feast on delicious food.


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