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7 May 2020

Nicky Milner, Director of Medical Education, HEMS, shares how she successfully moved assessment online for the PG Cert Medical & Healthcare Education. She recommends adapting to the new learning environment but maintaining the key aspects of the original plan… Read more…

30 October 2019

One of the main benefits of being in the first cohort of medical students at ARU is the brand-new Medical School that houses all the facilities we could possibly want to become successful, well rounded doctors. It's where I spend most of my time and every day… Read more…

28 May 2019

Dissection is a crucial part of medical school’s curriculum but, like many of my peers, I was incredibly nervous about meeting my first cadaver. Read more…

8 April 2019

I'm currently in my first year studying Medicine at ARU. We start our placements in November so we have exposure to patients and clinical environments almost right away. Personally… Read more…


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