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Faculty:Health, Education, Medicine and Social Care

School:School of Education and Social Care

Course: BA (Hons) Social Work

My name is Hannah and I am a social work student, just going into my second year.

I’m a bit of a music fanatic and love spending time with my friends and family – that is when I’m not hard at work studying and writing assignments! I try to read as much as I can to keep up my knowledge base, but I also read for enjoyment too.

Coming to Anglia Ruskin University has been a very big step for me, and has been quite a journey to say the least. However, however I am loving every minute and strive to achieve my dream!

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27 June 2018

Prior to starting your social work degree, you must first go through the dreaded, fear-fuelled process that is the interview. Just the thought of having to be interviewed may cause chills to ripple down your spine, but fear not! I have devised a handful of tips to hopefully assist… Read more…

18 January 2018

Hannah studied BA (Hons) Social Work and graduated in 2017. She's now working as a social worker for Essex County Council: read about her experiences. Read more…

29 September 2015

So, you’ve made it through year one, attended all your ARDP days and passed the assessment. You are now deemed eligible to be sent out into the world to work with real live service users. Read more…

3 September 2015

I would say most students undertake a degree due to the dreams of their childhood, or because they’re already in the job but need that degree. I, however, changed my mind plenty of times, from professional saxophonist to a history teacher – both careers worlds apart from social work. Read more…

19 August 2015

When I first heard that one of my semester 2 modules was going to be social work in society I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I thought it might have been to do with society in general, but that was very broad – and wishful! – thinking. Read more…


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