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11 October 2019

Starting placement is often a mixture of emotions. I was really eager and excited to learn but at the same time frightened about what I might see and how I would react. Everyone prepares differently, but I thought I’d share with you my advice on how to settle into placement. Read more…

17 June 2019

Starting university was really daunting for me, and before I started the course, I was desperate to run out and buy loads of books! I really wish I had someone to tell me...NO, DON’T DO IT! (I would have saved a lot of money… Read more…

5 June 2019

Hi! My name is Lauren and I am currently a first-year student studying Operating Department Practice, here at the ARU Chelmsford Campus. Read more…

7 May 2019

As a student ODP I spend most of my time on placement. I have been in Anaesthetics since January and will be there until the beginning of May. The anaesthetic room is where patients come to receive their anaesthetic before they are taken through to the operating theatre for their operation. Read more…

21 March 2019

When I left school in 2011, I was really unsure about what career I wanted... and then I came across Operating Department Practice. Read more…

10 August 2017

Starting your studies at a university is always exciting (and potentially worrying), so here are five top tips to make life as an operating department practitioner less stressful. Read more…

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