Transition back to ARU after a semester studying abroad

Hannah Parker

Faculty: Business and Law
School: School of Management
Course: BSc (Hons) Tourism Management
Category: Business

19 October 2016

After studying in Finland, my second semester of second year (BSc Tourism Management) was quite a shock. The teaching styles and desired writing styles were very different and I felt the complexity of work had increased dramatically since first year. I felt a bit like a Fresher again! However, this soon passed and I am still great friends with six girls from my course who welcomed me back straight away.

I also started to commute to university from Lowestoft, initially on the train, which took two and a half hours. I would recommend commuting to anyone who wants to save money. However, I did miss the ‘uni life’ in terms of nights out, spending time with friends, studying in the library and generally being in a university atmosphere. So if you are thinking about commuting consider whether you would rather save money or experience the ‘uni life’, I know if I could do it again I would live in Cambridge.

Michael Duignan and Chris Wilbert were the main tutors for second year; they were truly outstanding and supportive both in class and via email. Michael’s passion for teaching and ensuring each of his students attains both knowledge and experience, shone through when he invited the class to assist him in various research studies and projects for his PhD. Many students assisted him, including myself with conducting interviews with businesses in Greenwich, others gained experience at food festivals, sporting events and assisting in writing up results throughout the summer. If you ever get the opportunity to assist academics with research my advice is take it, as it not only enhances your CV and knowledge surrounding primary research but also provides an insight into the work academics do in addition to their teaching role.

Chris worked extremely hard to organise a field trip for second year students to Bergamo, Italy in April 2015. It was an amazing experience to visit Bergamo university, indulge in a new culture and learn about tourism management and the attractions on offer. I would recommend taking any opportunity available to go on a field trip, as this first-hand experience enabled writing a report regarding Bergamo very enjoyable and students felt a lot more informed.

If you are thinking about going on ERASMUS or are nervous about the transition back to ARU after ERASMUS, don’t be! The tutors and students are so welcoming and will assist in making sure you felt like you never went away!


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