#TuesdayTip: further functions in Research Professional 3

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8 February 2017

Following on from recent blogs, there are still more features of Research Professional you could use to make your searches more fruitful.

We've talked about some over the previous two weeks (calendars and EoIs) and we're glad to see some of our community making use of these functions!

This time I'll cheat a little, and show you RP's supply of materials to really maximise your use of the site.

From the homepage, click 'Help' and get to the main help page. The two most helpful sections here are the Video Introductions and Broadcast Demonstrations.

Video Instructions gives you a link to the RP YouTube channel. Through this page you can learn all the basics: Searching, saving searches to come back to later, and how to navigate the News sections of RP are all covered.

Broadcast Demonstrations allows you to register for webinars. These are carefully structured sessions, taking you through live demonstrations over the internet, coupled with the ability to speak directly to a member of the RP team. They will be able to answer all your detailed questions, and make sure you understand how to get the most from the site.

Generally, the Help pages are a great place to start your RP searching, and their guides are really useful. If you want more personalised help though, contact your RIDO team!


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