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18 September 2015

My name is Morgan Brown and I'm the Marketing Officer for the Faculty of Health, Social Care & Education at Anglia Ruskin University.

I help to organise events such as open days for prospective students. Read on to find out why I think you should attend an open day. Hopefully I’ll have you raring to register by the end of this blog!

To study or not study, what to study, when to study and how to study? Those are the questions, if you’ll excuse an English graduate’s bad paraphrase of Shakespeare. A considerable amount of time, effort and money goes into studying a degree and your decision should be made carefully. You may be at school and considering your future options, back at college as a mature student or currently working and considering a change of career. Your questions will mostly depend on your situation and the best place to get an answer is the open day.

Open days are a unique opportunity to visit a campus, get absorbed in its atmosphere and get a taste of what life as a student in that university would be like. Current students and staff are available to answer your questions about entry requirements, accommodation, finance, student life and support, and most importantly the subject area you are considering. Open days vary from one uni to another, but ours cover undergraduate and postgraduate as well as full-time and part-time making them the one stop shop for any would be student.

I gotta feeling

Now I’m paraphrasing the black eyed peas, but it’s true, one of the main advantages of the open day is that they allow you to feel how you would fit in at a particular university. Do you like the facilities? Do the university clubs and societies fit in with your interests? Do you feel that the lecturers are approachable? That the current students are people you would like to study with? Can you picture yourself in the accommodation? All those are very important questions and questions that wouldn’t be answered by looking at an online prospectus I might add. You are going to spend a lot of time at your chosen university and the open day gives you an all-important chance to experience the environment with no pressure and hopefully the support of your family or friends.

Now you’re talking

Many courses offer scheduled talks which are a brilliant, informative way to find out more about a subject. They are normally delivered by an academic member of staff and sometimes supported by a student. They are ideal if you are just starting to research and aren’t sure what questions to ask as they cover all the important features of a given course. We deliver a nursing, midwifery, social work and education talk.

Before anything else, preparation is the key to success

Those are Alexander Graham Bell’s words not mine, but they are quite suitable to our present context. As more students go to university, some courses are getting quiet competitive and you definitely need to be prepared in order to be successful in your application. This is particularly true for our health courses. Most people who fail to get a place generally do so because they were poorly prepared before writing their personal statement or before coming to an interview. Stumbling blocks normally include: a lack of understanding about a course and its attached profession, lack of suitable experience and skills and generally not enough research. Coming to an open day can help you to overcome those obstacles by getting the appropriate advice from staff. We run a personal statement workshop that you can attend and academics will be happy to talk you through the interview process in details. But come prepared with a series of questions: if you don’t ask you don’t necessarily get!

To sum it up

I hope that by now I have convinced you that attending one of our open days is a good idea. Here is what to do next:

  • Register to our next open day at anglia.ac.uk/opendays – it only takes a few minutes
  • Plan your route and what you will do on the day – you will be able to do this by downloading the electronic brochure in advance on the open day website and I would advise you have a close look at the talk schedule to decide which ones your want to attend.
  • Prepare some questions to ask on the day – Remember what Alexander Graham Bell said! You may want to read our prospectus pages or look at course videos on our YouTube channel
  • Take a campus tour – this is a great way to soak in the atmosphere and to have a chat with the student leading the tours.
  • Bring along some family or friends – we would love to meet them and it will make the whole process less nerve raking for you. Children are welcome too!
  • Follow us on twitter @angliaruskin and find out what’s happening on the day we use #goingtoaru for the open days

And if all the above hasn’t convinced you (how very sceptical!) yet surely you will not be able to resist the opportunity of taking a selfie with our own much-loved mascot: Ruskin the Rhino.

Ruskin the Rhino ARU mascot


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