Exam time

Dan Reeve

Faculty: Science and Engineering
School: Engineering and the Built Environment
Course: BSc (Hons) Quantity Surveying
Category: Architecture, building and construction

12 January 2015

OK, so Christmas has been and gone (in the blink of an eye!) and that can only mean one thing. Exams.

Thankfully, I feel that one is easier than the other, and I have been able to prioritise my revision accordingly. I had a Commercial Management exam a few days ago, and have one for Construction Contract Law still to come. The law exam will be tough, as I don’t really get involved with the legal side of contracts in my job, and as a part-time student we do not get too many face-to-face teaching hours. Plus there is a lot to take in.

In contrast, the Commercial Management module was all about what contractors’ quantity surveyors do, meaning that the exam was asking me about what I have done for the past six years (which helps). Whilst I’m reasonably confident of a decent result, I don’t for one second think that I know everything about commercial management, as the industry has changed even since I began.

An hour and a half is not a lot of time to answer three questions, so I have had to be well prepared and know how to structure my answers correctly to ensure I get the best marks possible, as from now on all marks count towards the final grade. My aim, of course, is a First, but that’s not easy, and with the dissertation still to come, I would take a 2:1 now if you offered it.

The only good thing about the exams is that I get the day off work and I’m home by 2pm!

I best get back to the revision…


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