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17 June 2020

Beatriz Acevedo, Senior Lecturer in Sustainability, Economics and International Business, shares her top tips for taking part in online meetings at home. Read more…

7 May 2020

Nicky Milner, Director of Medical Education, HEMS, shares how she successfully moved assessment online for the PG Cert Medical & Healthcare Education. She recommends adapting to the new learning environment but maintaining the key aspects of the original plan… Read more…

28 April 2020

While many of our colleagues and students around the World are dealing with the negative impact of Covid-19, it’s clear that this situation is making us rethink what is really important to society and hence education. Read more…

14 April 2020

Among the midst of this great historical time of uncertainty, I keep remembering that famous phrase by Jean Paul Sartre, about the power of freedom during times of crisis and, borrowing from him, I would say, “Never were we freer than under the Covid-19 crisis”… Read more…

10 December 2019

Sian Shaw from the Faculty of Health, Education, Medicine and Social Care, blogs about how an innovative teaching project, initially funded by an AL&T Learning & Teaching Project Award, has gone on to win additional funding and two national awards. Read more…

5 December 2019

Exciting adventures take time to evolve and it’s normally after living them that we realise how wonderful they’ve been, how much we’ve changed during that time, and that the people at the start of the journey are often different to the ones writing today. Read more…

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