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13 October 2020

Looking back at the time I made the decision to study banking, I vividly remember the pressure of 'deciding what I want to do for the rest of my life'. No easy feat for anyone. So what was it about Banking and Finance that won me over? Read more…

17 June 2020

Beatriz Acevedo, Senior Lecturer in Sustainability, Economics and International Business, shares her top tips for taking part in online meetings at home. Read more…

4 May 2020

Ever wondered what it’s like to study a business degree? Well, I'm in my third year of studying Business and Human Resource Management and I wanted to write about the various elements I’ve enjoyed during my time at ARU. Read more…

5 March 2020

It is hard for me to pick a favourite memory from university as I have truly enjoyed every single day in the last two years at ARU! However, when I think about something that has really marked my university experience, I have to mention the Business & Law Intern Award Ceremony in November 2018. Read more…

3 March 2020

I absolutely love my university course, and I’m so sad it’s about to come to an end, so I wanted to sum up some of my favourite parts of the past 4 years… Read more…

24 August 2018

As a second year Tourism Management student I have been trying to gain the most possible through my studies. But engaging in - and winning - the University Business Challenge has given me more than I could have ever imagined... Read more…

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