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Dr Rachel Berkson

Hi, my name is Rachel Berkson and I’m Academic Developer: Active Collaborative Learning within Anglia Learning & Teaching. I’ve been a teacher since before I was old enough for full-time school – I started out teaching my siblings to read. I grew up doing informal and community education, and managed to make my vocation my career in the mid 2000s. After more than a decade teaching life sciences in universities, I recently changed career to focus on the practice of teaching.

As Academic Developer, I’m supporting adoption of Active Collaborative Learning. This is part of a cross-institution HEFCE-funded project about ensuring all students have a good chance of success. We are looking at ways to promote the most effective and student-centred methods of teaching for all, not just enthusiasts.

I haven’t stepped away from community education. In my free time I volunteer with the Jewish community and in interfaith groups.  

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2 November 2017

I knew my first week on the Catalyst Active Collaborative Learning project was going to be intense. Read more…


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