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Hello, my name is Jason Williams and I’m Digital Media Specialist at Anglia Learning & Teaching. I work with media-related technology and its application in teaching, which is something I not only find infinitely interesting, but think is of paramount importance within education. I have a degree in Sociology and English, and a PGCert in Higher Education. I’m also a professional photographer, which comes in handy as I’m often called upon to film and photograph events that Anglia Learning & Teaching run, along with capturing media for many projects that our staff are involved with.

I’m a musician who's made numerous records, and am lucky enough to have played sessions for John Peel, and most of the UK’s festivals, including Glastonbury, on a number of occasions. I’m a trained – but not practising – hypnotherapist, and blue belt taekwondo. I’m married and a proud father of two boys, and two very naughty sausage dogs.

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15 February 2018

Jason Williams and Mark Warnes attended the Social Media for Learning in Higher Education Conference hosted by Sheffield Hallam University. They spoke about their online courses, 5 Minutes of Digital Literacy and 10 Days of Twitter. Read more…

16 January 2018

In 2016, we created and ran 5 Days of Digital Literacy (5DoDL), which introduced people to a plethora of digital tools and issues surrounding online safety, social media, etc. Read more…


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