Inspiring Lecturers

Alice Siegwart

Faculty: Health, Education, Medicine and Social Care
School: School of Education and Social Care
Course:BA (Hons) Education Studies
Category: Education

17 December 2015

Over the course of my first year of University, the lecturers I have come into contact with have all been really enthusiastic about what they do. Their enthusiasm certainly rubbed off on me on more than a couple of occasions. Their attitudes towards what they were teaching made me want to learn more about it. It made me eager to write about it, despite the fact that the assignments only allowed 3,000 words. I’m sure we’ve all encountered that one teacher who has inspired us to do better in a certain subject or try and become a better person.

One of my lecturers allowed the other alumni in the room to do the lectures on certain subjects due to them having done more research about them. I really enjoyed those lectures. Her seminars were always nice to be in and you always felt like you could speak in them. She always tried to get people more involved with speaking out in her lectures and she could crack a joke on the odd occasion. Besides learning about the main topics, one of the other most important things I learnt in her lectures was that you don’t always need to be taking notes. While they are all well and good for going back and reading over, they do tend to distract you from what the lecturer is saying, which in turn can make you miss something important. And notes are available online on the virtual learning environment.

Another lecturer really encouraged discussions in his classes and those helped me shape my own opinions of certain topics. They’ve helped me understand certain areas that I may have had trouble with beforehand. I’ve nearly always enjoyed the classes I’ve had with him, even if it’s about a topic I don’t particularly like.

One of my lecturers came from a different country. Despite the language barrier, which can be a challenge for two people to interact normally, I have rather enjoyed her lectures since she started. She’s the lecturer that inspired me to consider doing a PhD after finishing my undergraduate degree. Though I would have to undertake a Masters degree before going on to do it, I had never even considered doing it when I first started the course. She’s helped me realise just how enjoyable research can be to undertake. Granted that may have been due to the module I was doing at the time, but I truly believe she deserves some credit for it. Her enthusiasm for research in general as well as teaching it really stood out and it was quite clear she enjoyed was she’d done in the past.

Those are three example of lecturers who have inspired me in different ways, they have made me enjoy the course a whole lot more.


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