5 minutes of digital literacy

Jason Williams

Category: Anglia Learning & Teaching

16 January 2018

All five badges from the 5 minutes of digital literacy online course.

In 2016, we created and ran 5 Days of Digital Literacy (5DoDL), which introduced people to a plethora of digital tools and issues surrounding online safety, social media, etc.

The short online course helped people improve their digital literacy in five minutes a day for five days over five months (25 topics in total).

The course was a success in many ways. Have a look at the statistics:

  • numbers of staff signed up to the course on Agresso: 468
  • number of posts by the facilitator: 32
  • number of comments made by attendees: 3,540
  • number of times Digital Badges were viewed and/or shared 4,761
  • total number of people following the blog: 308
  • Twitter activity related to the course: 2,975.

813 digital badges were awarded with (currently) 19,954 instances where those badges have been used, or viewed via social media. This is largely due to people adding them to their LinkedIn profiles.

In 2017, we decided to run the course again with a few tweaks. The content closely follows the Digital Literacy Framework, is now called 5 Minutes of Digital Literacy (5MoDL) – using the word ‘minute’ because it more clearly described the amount of time it should take to complete each day’s tasks, and is run through our learning management system, Canvas.

This first iteration of 5MoDL started in October 2017. Currently there have been three lots of five-minute bite-sized posts, and 75 people have enrolled. The final two lots of five posts will occur in February and March 2018. The course will then start again in April 2018 but this time there will be two versions. The beginner version will take place during the first week of each month, with the intermediate version taking place the week after. The 5MoDL intermediate version builds on 5MoDL beginner and goes a bit further. Badges will be awarded for each topic completed.

Contact alt@aru.ac.uk to book your place for the 5MoDL beginner and 5MoDL intermediate courses.


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