What our students say: arts and creative industries


MA Graphic Design and Typography

The MA has given me the space to develop skills and try out ideas in a diverse range of fields which would have been difficult to do in a commercial setting. The course has enabled me to develop a portfolio of work to demonstrate my skills. I have gained from the knowledge and feedback of my tutors and other people on the course who come from a variety of backgrounds.

Cambridge has an excellent network of creative groups linked to the Cambridge School of Art at Anglia Ruskin. This has given me the opportunity to get my work noticed and make connections which will benefit my career.


MA Applied Linguistics and TESOL

To be accepted by two conferences as a speaker was not something I expected before I started this course. When I look back at my studies in the last two years, what I clearly see is that I would not be able to come to this point without the knowledge the course has given me and without my supervisor's help and feedback. Choosing this course was one of the best decisions I took for my career.

Because the staff were so competent in their field I did not have any limitations or rejections for the topics I chose to work on, and with each assignment I was fed with the guidance and information I needed from my course leader throughout the writing process.


MA Printmaking

Anglia Ruskin's printmaking facilities are amazing. I found myself free to work as much as I wanted; encouraged by excellent teachers who were constantly guiding my work and overseeing my progress, and also the technician in charge is always there to help you. Thanks to this, I was able to take my work to the next level and develop myself not only in practice but also in theoretical research. Overall, this was a fantastic experience that included exhibitions inside and outside the university with full support from the institution.


LLM Internatiional Business Law

Students on the LLM International Business Law come from a wide variety of countries from across the world. This has enhanced my educational experience and enabled me to explore and appreciate different cultures. Throughout the course I have received excellent support from my lecturers. This has been very important because English is not my first language.

The course will no doubt enhance my employment opportunities. The University has also provided me with other employment-enhancing opportunities: Eversheds, the third largest law firm in the world, is acting as my mentor; I am also working as a volunteer in the Citizens Advice Bureau.


MA Illustration and Book Arts

When the lectures started, I realised this course went beyond all my expectations. All the new information I received from tutors, together with my own research, made me engage with different working methods; ask questions differently; see and think differently.

There is a perfect balance between research and creation. The tutors help the students in their research and provide constructive criticism on their art work. This practice is a good preparation for accepting criticism in the future, when hopefully more people will have opinions on my work. Participating in the optional group work with graphic designers, and joining book fairs, has also given me more experience and knowledge that I can use in the future.


MA Creative Writing

The MA Creative Writing was pivotal to my development as an early career writer. It provided me with a core set of skills on which to build, and feedback to refine my work. More than that, it gave me confidence, and helped set me on my way.

Since graduating, I was accepted onto the Escalator mentoring scheme at Writers' Centre Norwich, and my first novel has just sold to publishers in the UK and Germany.


LLM Legal Practice

The seminars at the beginning of the year were very helpful, introducing us to research questions, methods and writing and explaining ethics. This was also a good opportunity to meet others following the same course.

Writing a dissertation is a solitary occupation but I didn't feel alone or unsure because I could always contact my supervisor with questions or problems. With her help I was able to formulate my research questions, structure my research and get through the writing. It was hard work but very interesting throughout. I am delighted that I made the decision to take this course.


MA Intercultural Communication

I chose the MA Intercultural Communication as I wanted to study outside of the US, and study different cultures and how they interact. I also knew getting an MA would increase my chances of teaching in an Asian university. I now teach English in an elementary school in Seoul, which I hope will lead to a teaching position in a university. Being in a class room with many different nationalities was a good way of studying intercultural communication from both a hands-on and theoretical perspective.


MA Fine Art

I found at Anglia Ruskin University everything I needed to establish my practice with an independent and more professional approach, with the right combination of practical work, theoretical research and critical analysis. The teaching staff comes from some of the best universities in the UK and they were always available, fully engaged with the students and aware of the contemporary art scene. I also found all the support I needed to continue my studies with a PhD, as well as opportunities to expand and show my work outside of the university.


MA Publishing

I wouldn't be where I am now if I had not done the Publishing MA. I tried to apply for publishing jobs in the US, but couldn't even make it to the interview stage. With the help of this course, I learned so much about the field. I was able to secure internships, one of which led to a job at an internationally-recognised publishing company. I am now very happy in my job and have no doubt I will be able to find publishing work on either side of the Atlantic.


MA Music Therapy

The course content is brilliant, covering both practical and theoretical aspects of study to prepare students for the role of a music therapist. The tutors are well-published and highly respected in the field of music therapy and health sciences. Together they bring an incredible wealth of experiences from their various settings of work, and students are provided with a nurturing and supportive network from the teaching staff as lecturers, tutors, and supervisors.

This course has brought music therapy to life for me. I leave Anglia Ruskin greatly inspired and grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of this excellent programme.


MA Dramatherapy

From the moment I met the dramatherapy tutors at interview stage I was treated as an individual and I remember being struck by how comfortable and supportive they made the process. They were passionate about their field and I thought what a good indication this was of the experience and training I would receive at Anglia Ruskin. I was not wrong, and I have felt supported and, just as importantly, challenged throughout my training.

The course incorporates a strong theoretical component which in my experience is invaluable in underpinning the clinical work. In addition to clinical placements we had the opportunity to observe a baby over weekly sessions, and this has continued to influence my developing therapeutic skills. The course teaching is rich and diverse, and encompasses workshops and seminars from professional dramatherapists and other health professionals. The sessions shared with the music therapy students offer the opportunity to retain a wider perspective to balance the focus on acquiring specific therapeutic skills.


MA Children's Book Illustration

I didn't realise at the time quite how much the course would affect my life! It forced me to take my drawing seriously for the first time, which has in turn made me reassess my work and what I want to do in the future. The tutors all shared a commitment to bringing the best out of every student. I found them supportive, encouraging and honest.

The course works closely with the publishing industry, which is invaluable for aspiring illustrators. A team from Walker Books regularly visited us, and gave us insight into the ever-changing landscape of the industry, as well as personal feedback on our work. The graduation show in London was attended by talent-spotters from all of the major publishing houses, which I think is a testament to the reputation of the course. At the graduation show I was approached by several publishers, and have signed to Random House Picture Books for a two-book deal.


MA Film and Television Production

The course schedule is perfectly adaptable to the multiple commitments of a mature student's life. I have had a great time during the MA Film and Television Production, and have found many opportunities to explore and gain the knowledge necessary for success as a professional in the future. My ambition is to become a producer/director and I am certain that with the experience and knowledge I am gaining through the course modules and the great support from my module leader, I will be able to achieve my goal.

The multiple techniques and practical exercises I have undertaken during my studies have helped to build my confidence as a producer/director and to develop the skills required to work in the film and television world. The direct contact with contemporary producers from Channel 4 has also helped me to understand the process of broadcast television.


PG Dip Legal Practice

The tutors have great experience of what life is like in legal practice, which is always very useful in helping one to see the long-term goal.

Choosing Anglia Ruskin over a larger provider has meant I received a much more hands-on learning experience through small group workshops, which certainly helped my understanding and meant any problems with a particular topic could be resolved as they arose.

The facilities are excellent: there are designated LPC rooms, a common room and a computer room.