Reinventing the Renaissance

Cover of 'Reinventing the Renaissance'

Renaissance texts may be reinvented through performance, film, illustration, literary appropriation, and modernised editions.

Reinventing the Renaissance combines strengths in traditional scholarship and criticism with a strong interest in contemporary appropriations and creative practice. We organise colloquia and other events which bring together scholars, practitioners and the general public.

Reinventing the Renaissance benefits from the bequest of Shirley Skinner-Young, whose estate contributes towards research in Shakespeare and his contemporaries. We currently have four PhD students working on Renaissance literature and culture.

Professor Sarah Annes Brown has published widely on the reception of Shakespeare’s plays in later literature, and has recently co-edited Reinventing the Renaissance: Shakespeare and his Contemporaries in Adaptation and Performance. She is currently researching the influence of Shakespeare on science fiction.

Professor Eugene Giddens is a general editor, with Teresa Grant (Warwick) and Barbara Ravelhofer (Durham) of The Complete Works of James Shirley, to be published with Oxford University Press in ten volumes. He is committed to understanding early modern drama through performance, and welcomes PhD student applications in performance studies and theatre history.