Anglia Research Centre in Media and Culture (ARCMedia)

Based in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at Anglia Ruskin University, ARCMedia is a research centre that seeks to promote new work that interrogates the emergent practices, politics, and potentialities of digital media culture.

In a post-Trump age of resurgent political and social violence, of fake news and the erosion of journalism, of demagoguery and rabble rousing, of social media algorithms and hyper-financialisation, there is a vital need for renewed forms of critical analysis. ARCMedia’s central remit is to address the formative structures of power, affect, and attention that are taking shape through the contemporary mediascape, and to assess the creative potentialities of digital technologies and practices as they continue to evolve.

Directors: Dr Tanya Horeck and Dr Tina Kendall.

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