Preparing your portfolio

Some of our undergraduate and postgraduate taught courses require you to prepare a portfolio and present it for review as part of your application process.

These courses are: BA Computer Games Art, BA Film and Television Production, MA Computer Games Development (Art) and MA Film and Television Production.

How to prepare for your portfolio review

During the application process, you will be asked to provide a digital portfolio for review. Please send all your work as a PDF or a website link to, or upload it to the applicant portal when requested by our Admissions Team - and no later than two weeks after this request.

Please compress the PDF or use an email transfer service such as WeTransfer for larger files. Remember to include your name, the course you are applying for and your student ID number.

If you would like to discuss your work face-to-face...

...please email to book a time slot. Remember to include your name, the course you are applying for and your student ID number. Please send your digital portfolio as above.

If you choose to discuss your portfolio in person, please allow up to 1.5 hrs on campus, as you will also have the opportunity to ask staff and current students questions, go on a tour of our facilities and explore the campus. You can bring along your hard-copy portfolio and sketchbooks or we can just discuss your digital portfolio.

What do we look for in a portfolio?

Here are some course-specific pointers and guidance for you:

BA (Hons) Computer Games Art

Generally your portfolio should include 5-10 pieces of work or projects that show your skill in the chosen subject. Choose the pieces that best represent you and show passion and engagement, curiosity and an open mind.

More specifically, we are looking for:

  • Evidence of how you tackle a project
  • Research and development of ideas and thought processes
  • Examples of experimentation with new materials, media, processes or methods
  • Any moving image work (short films or animations) and any examples of visual narratives, sequential images or storyboards.

BA (Hons) Film and Television Production

Please provide a selection of your creative work. If you do have film work, we would like to see your best 5-10 minutes of film. We are also happy to look at photography, design work or perhaps other media. If you don’t as yet have a creative portfolio you could consider doing a story told in 8 stills images. Include a short statement, no more than 400 words about the context in which the work was made (for example, was it made independently? As a class project or part of a workshop? Or perhaps a commission?). In particular, for film work, please tell us what your role was on the film.


MA Computer Games Development (Art)

MA Film and Television Production