BA (Hons) Digital Media portfolios

Find out how to prepare your portfolio for our BA (Hons) Digital Media course at Cambridge School of Art.

What do we look for in your portfolio?

Generally your portfolio should include 3-4 projects that demonstrate your skill in your current course of study.

We want to see how you tackle a project – this could be something that you are currently studying or have completed independently; please include all the preparation and research as well as the development notes and outcomes. It doesn't matter if you have not been studying a Digital subject; it is fine if the work is in another area of Art and Design or Media.

If you are not studying a creative subject, you can still apply by showing us some work you have produced independently.

Include examples of work where you have experimented. We want to see that you are inquisitive and have the ability to investigate. We are also keen to see examples of storytelling, no matter what the media used is; so do include those if you have some.

Whatever you decide to include in the portfolio, make sure that it shows us you are interested in Digital Media and do include work you have made outside of College or School (e.g. website design, app ideas, 3D designs, digital drawing, blogs, videos, photography, interactive design, animation, layout design, logo designs, sound or music creation, written copy for the web etc).

Lastly, you should also be able to show us an awareness of artists, filmmakers, writers or designers that you aspire to. Be prepared to talk about yourself and why you are interested in studying BA (Hons) Digital Media.

How should you present any digital work?

Standard applications

If your portfolio includes digital works, you should provide these as pdf or Powerpoint files, and any films as MP4s, saved on USB memory sticks or external hard drives. Your web and interactive work must run automatically in a browser or be available on a live domain/website. If your digital work does not open or run, then we cannot take it into account during the interview process. If it is an essential part of your portfolio you may be asked to provide alternative work through the post by a specified date.

E-portfolios/International applicants

You may deliver your portfolio digitally as a website portfolio or PDF document. We can’t accept USB or CDs in the post. All websites and file transfer services are acceptable but, in case you need suggestions, some of the more popular ones are listed below*. If your portfolio is a PDF please include your name and the course you want to study in the file name and on the PDF.

For any questions regarding this or any other aspect of the admissions process please contact your admissions officer. We look forward to receiving your portfolio.

*Previously used websites for transferring online portfolios include: Behance, Flickr, Deviantart, Carbonmade, Indexedit, Wordpress, Blogger, Blogspot, Dropbox, WeTransfer, Crevado.

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