ARITI PhD project opportunities

If you are thinking of applying to join our research student community, our staff have identified the following self-funded PhD project opportunities.

i Lab 1 projects

In i Lab 1, our main focus is Medical Informatics. These projects will improve human health by empowering people to co-manage their own well-being by using their mobile devices.

Investigating asthma heterogeneity using hierarchical modelling

Multi-scale modelling of neural signals based on dynamic systems and inference algorithms

Mobile enabled intelligent scheme for health monitoring in real-time

Mobile enabled intelligent scheme for retinal image diagnosis

Data-driven intelligent system for the prediction of the risk of conditions such as diabetes, cancer etc

i Lab 2 projects

In i Lab 2, our main focus is Big Data & Cyber Security. In these projects, you will research how to manipulate, use, store and exploit huge amounts of data using data mining, classification and clustering methods, efficient use of storage, and data sharing between stakeholders.

Cyber threats analysis, prediction and detection in online social networking

Trust-based social features to secure smart devices

Behaviour-based malware detection using machine learning techniques

Data-driven optimisation for portfolio management

Crowd analysis for optimal transportation management

Real-time phishing attack detection and protection scheme for internet users

i Lab 3 projects

In i Lab 3, we focus on Intelligent Systems and Gaming. In these projects, you will look at how gamification can engage and motivate people to achieve their goals using elements of game playing. Other projects investigate the use of data-driven intelligent systems.

Intelligent human-like behaviours in non-player characters in games

Big-data-driven intelligent system for the prediction of player behaviour in video games

Open topic with the use of Raspberry Pi and Amazon Alexa