ARITI research

At the Anglia Ruskin IT Research Institute, we focus on several key research areas.

Medical informatics, engineering and imaging

Our goal is to improve human health by empowering people to co-manage their own wellbeing by using their mobile devices. With intelligent self-diagnosis they'll generate learning materials to develop understanding about diseases, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment. We develop bio system models, perform data analysis and deliver research-focused IT solutions for individuals and institutions. Our current focus includes our tuberculosis testing research project 'TB-Test' which is funded by the Newton Fund. We also working in areas such as retinal diseases, skin diseases and tongue diseases detection.

Intelligent cyber security solutions

We conduct research on a wide range of cyber security problems and provide intelligent solutions to security issues such as cyber attacks, attack detection, protection, secure data transmission, secure protocol design and social engineering. We consider users are the weakest link to the cyber criminals. Our focus is to empower citizens’ confidence in the digital economy by providing real-time need based supports, awareness and training. This includes investigation on how to detect phishing via email, online transaction, gaming, social media activities, social engineering etc., drive-by-download particularly, ransomeware, botnet attack, security protocol design etc. We use artificial intelligence includes, machine learning, fuzzy fusion model for decision, optimisation algorithms to develop our detection, protection and support scheme.

Big data

We perform research on how to manipulate, use, store and exploit huge amounts of data using data mining, classification and clustering methods, efficient use of storage, and data sharing between stakeholders. We develop real-time intelligent decision support and knowledge management schemes for big data.

Intelligent systems, gaming and learning

We focus on gamification which aims at engaging and motivating people to achieve their goals using elements of game playing. It finds applications in business, healthcare, education, and many other domains. Our multi-disciplinary team offers expertise in the following areas:

  • Intelligent decision support system and system optimization
  • Development using Unity 3D and Unreal engines
  • Virtual Reality (VR) applications using Vive and Oculus headsets
  • DNIIT-certified 3D graphics, animations, and art design

Mobile technology

We're investigating cost-effective, real-time, 24/7 operable mobile-enabled intelligent solutions for societal, business and engineering challenges. We look at availability, accessibility, increasing mobile power, microscopic lenses, nanotechnology and sensors.

Internet of Things (IoT)

We're focusing on cloud computing, smart connectivity, usability, security, quality control, reliability, data transmission and protocol design. We also research smart cities, smart factories, machine-to-machine connectivity and smart grid etc.

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