Anjum Shaikh

PhD researcher

Anglia Ruskin IT Research Institute

Faculty:Faculty of Science and Engineering

Location: Chelmsford

Anjum Shaikh is a PhD researcher in the Anglia Ruskin IT Research Institute (ARITI). She is currently researching different ways to improve cyber security.


Before joining ARITI, Anjum worked as a Software Analyst in Quality Areas for six years. She earned her MSc in Information Technology from Cardiff Met University and her BSc in Computer Science from Aptech Institute, Mumbai, India.

Research interests

Anjum is currently working on Artificial Intelligence and Neural Network.

She is supervised by

Thesis title

CRI Agents - An impeccable security agents to detect and destroy phishing emails using agent-based technique


The research aim is to detect a malicious email which is harmful to internet users by installing a flawlessly destructive and discreet killing system based on crime, review and investigation agent-based technique. A technique where the agents are positioned in start, middle and end, so every email moves between these three security agents to clear the string and placed in a safe zone. The system is formed as a collection of self-directed decision-making entities where each agent individually assess an email and makes decision on the basis of a set of rules. The technique will result in simulating human agents system.