About the Anglia Ruskin IT Research Institute

Here at the Anglia Ruskin IT Research Institute, we use advanced research tools and techniques to provide new IT solutions and enhance performance of existing systems through intelligent modeling and visualisation.

Launched in 2014, our multidisciplinary research-active academics, postdoctoral researchers and PhD students work collaboratively across areas such as health, engineering, business and education with more than 20 different academic research and business organisations.

Our research focuses on intelligent decision support systems, data mining, machine learning, image processing, cyber security, real-time big data processing, digital diagnosis, optimisation, data fusion and mobile solutions. We offer technology-enhanced solutions to tackle the economic, societal and contemporary technological challenges we face today.

We're leading EU, Newton Research and Department for International Development (DfID) funded projects worth over £5 million, and in the past, our members have been involved with EU and UK funded research projects with various companies, worth over £7 million.

We also offer MPhil and PhD degrees and Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) activities, supporting commercial research and innovation and encouraging businesses and universities to work together.

Our director is Professor Alamgir Hossain.


To advance the state of information technology research to promote quality of life and quality of services for global socio-economic benefits.

To encourage inter-disciplinary research, promote students' research activities and facilitate knowledge transfer activities through national or international partnerships with academic institutions, enterprises and other organisations and individuals.

Our objectives are to:

  • research and provide state of the art solutions in intelligent information technology (IT) in any domain
  • establish research collaborations with global partners
  • address societal, technological and economic challenges through joint research with local and international experts
  • attract local and international research funded projects in collaboration with local and international partners
  • provide support or consultancy to global research and development activities linked with IT
  • perform near market research and product development
  • create opportunities for placement based research in order to improve our students' employability
  • create opportunities for young entrepreneurs to develop new markets
  • publish our research contributions in world-leading journals and conferences
  • perform IT research in order to improve Quality of Life (QoL), Quality of Product (QoP) and Quality of Service (QoS).