Call for Proposals

We hope to confirm the date soon for the Active Learning Conference taking place in early 2021 and invite you to submit a proposal to deliver a paper, short presentation or workshop on the Conference Day at ARU Cambridge.

The Active Learning Conference seeks to engage academic practitioners, those researching active learning in higher education, educational developers, leaders and managers.

We welcome proposals that will stimulate discussion and action! Our focus is designing active learning, innovative pedagogies and curriculum design, leading change and researching active learning.

The following themes are indicative:

  • Becoming an active learning teacher
  • Authentic and applied learning and assessment strategies 
  • Interdisciplinary active challenges
  • Active and inclusive
  • Changing expectations - developing active learning cultures 
  • Spaces for active learning 
  • Co-production and co-creation

Formats and submission types

Workshops: 30 or 60 minutes, which provide an opportunity to engage participants in active learning methods you have used with guidance on how they can use or adopt them for their own practice.

Short paper interactives: 30 minutes, of which at least 10 minutes should be included for discussion, exploration, and questions. You should emphasise the lessons that can be drawn from your experience. Sessions that integrate presentation and discussion, rather than presentation followed by Q&A, will generally be preferred.

Posters: We are keen to attract posters describing active learning pedagogies, curriculum design frameworks, and visual responses to the conferences theme. A full poster session will be incorporated into the programme if there is enough demand. Posters will be on display for discussion throughout the conference.

Walks: 45 minutes, Lead a structured discussion to explore a relevant theme (we can discuss the route with you if accepted). You will need to submit the title, purpose, and about 4 questions you will use with the walking group to frame the discussion.

Soap boxes and lightning strikes: 5 minutes - Connect, share, shout, show and inspire! Get feedback, find collaborators, act!

Submit your proposal

Please submit your proposal via EasyChair.
Download our Quick Guide to EasyChair. 
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