About Cambridge School of Art

Cambridge School of Art has been inspiring creativity since 1858. We combine the traditions of our past with the possibilities afforded by the latest technologies.

Using our expertise and connections in Cambridge and beyond, we nurture creativity through experimentation and risk-taking to empower the makers and creators of the future.

Our academics excel at both practice and theory, making a real impact in their chosen fields, whether they are curating exhibitions, designing book covers or photographing communities in Africa. They are also regularly published in catalogues, books, journals and conference papers, their research classed as being of ‘international standing’, with some elements ‘world-leading’, in the most recent Research Excellence Framework.

The connections we have forged with industry provide vital opportunities for our students to improve their employability, with live briefs, collaborative projects, work placements, guest lectures and other events that allow them to network and make important contacts for their future.

We actively support our students in gaining the confidence and practical skills to set up a business of their own – our Startup Lab provides a dedicated space where they can test and develop their early-stage ideas.

We also benefit from being at the heart of Cambridge. A city bursting with creativity, it has a higher concentration of creative jobs than the UK average, and is also home to the University of Cambridge, which has provided our staff with valuable collaborations and our students with prestigious work placements.