The Andy Wilson Bursary

Background and purpose

Andy Wilson died of cancer in May 2014 at the age of 53. With a career spanning 20 years in banking; finance; healthcare and entrepreneurship in the UK across the world.  Andy was particularly interested in young entrepreneurs, who he saw as the business leaders of the future.

The Andy Wilson Bursary is designed to support aspiring entrepreneurs to assist with start-up costs for an innovative venture. The award will be paid by way of re-imbursement of start-up costs as occurred on receipt of invoices.

The funds for the Bursary are kindly donated by Impellam Group and has stated that these donation(s) are specifically for the purpose of enabling ARU to provide the Andy Wilson Bursary.  The donations are therefore to be treated as restricted income to the ARU Foundation (formerly the Anglia Trust).


The Bursary is for up to £10,000 awarded annually.  This amount can be divided between a number of students if their business ideas are felt to be worthy and sustainable.

In addition to the Bursary, successful applicants will also be assigned a mentor and have the use of the StartupLab facilities on campus.

Eligibility criteria

The eligibility criteria for this Bursary are that the applicant:

  • is an Anglia Ruskin University core student;
  • is not a debtor to the University (excluding student loans); and
  • has an innovative idea for setting up a business venture.


Applications must be submitted by email to:

Please note that feedback on applications will not be provided.

Please note that successful applicants will receive their monies in arrears on submission of invoices/receipts. Applicants will be attend required to submit two progress reports after 6 months and again at 12 months updating the Foundation on their business.


How to apply

Please ensure that you:

  • outline the business you wish to set up and explain what problem you are solving;
  • evidence of research conducted on your chosen market recognising a need within that market and identifying key competitors.  Please include the experience you have in this market sector and why the market is attractive.
  • include start-up costs including estimated financial forecast up to three years.

The selection committee reserve the right to request further information at a later stage of the application process.
Application form can be accessed here

Terms and conditions

As an exempt charity, it is vital that we are accountable to our donors for the way in which their donations are used, and that we ensure that the Andy Wilson Bursaryis used appropriately by the recipient/s who have been selected by the panel and approved by the Foundation.

  • The recipient/s need/s to satisfy the criteria for this Bursary as stated above. 
  • The Bursary is an amount of up to £10,000 and can be awarded to more than one applicant and is valued for one year.
  • The recipient/s will inform Marcia Baldry and Louise Andrews immediately if they take a leave of absence or withdraw from their course. 
  • We need to be able to keep donors informed about the progress and successes achieved by students receiving this Bursary, so the recipient/s will be required to participate in the following activities:
  • Write two reports of a maximum of 1500 words (2 sides of A4) including photographs and illustrations, if applicable on how your business is progressing and how the Bursary has been spent.  One report to be provided after 6 months and one after 12 months.
  • Provide evidence of expenses such as receipts, travel tickets and other costs related to your innovative idea.
  • To ensure there is no delay in reimbursement please submit your bank details with all requests for payment.
  • Provide quotes (including a testimonial) and a photo for use in ARU promotional material and publications, and on the website.