IntoUniversity: meet the team

Kizzi Keast

Kizzi is our Team Leader in Clacton. She has a degree in law from the University of Stirling and a Secondary PGCE through Teach First. She previously worked as a teacher.

Ben Spencer

Ben is one of our Lead Senior Education Workers. He joined us as a graduate-trainee Education Worker in January 2011. Ben has a degree in politics and sociology and previously worked as an AimHigher mentor and ambassador.

Hollie Baines

Hollie joined IntoUniversity in August 2017. She has a degree in drama in the community from Bishop Grosseteste University, as well as a PGCE from North Essex Teacher Training. Hollie previously taught drama.

Faye-Michaela O'Connor

Faye-Michaela joined us in August 2017. She has a degree in English Language, Language Acquisition, and Language Disorders from The University of Essex. Faye-Michaela previously volunteered as a learning support assistant.